El articulo indefinido “an”

Usamos "an" cuando el sustantivo que acompaña inicia con sonido de vocal.


an eagle / una águila

an orange / una naranja 

an hour / una hora

an F / una f

Example Sentences

  • Ava has an umbrella.
  • He's an introvert.
  • She's not an extrovert.
  • I'm eating an orange.
  • Sofia's eating an egg daily.
  • Isabella's going to fly an airplane.
  • An elephant is such a fat animal.
  • She's not eating an apple.
  • He's an elegant boy.
  • She's an intelligent student.
  • Ali is late an hour.
  • She asks an easy question.
  • We are living in an apartment.
  • I am an English teacher.
  • I saw an accident.
  • Elijah is training to be an engineer.
  • The movie will begin in an hour.
  • A red bus left an hour ago.


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